March 19, 2014

My Work Space

Every once in a while I decide that I would like to share a small glimpse of what is in my workspace. The idea is not my own, I have followed Marcy Penner and a few others and have jumped on board with this whole Wednesday thing.  Often I wonder if my space is even worthy of sharing but this time, I think it is.  I was rummaging through my favorite local antique shop and they had just received a box of glass test tubes.  They were not even priced yet!  Just a couple days before, I had received my order of sequins from Studio Calico.  If I could insert a lightbulb here for effect, I would!  I had an idea to display my new gems in these really cool tubes.  I wish they would of had a rack to go with it but they didn't.  I also kick myself for not buying the bottle brush that was there, could have used it three times already:o(

I did buy an old coffee tin, which look great with the test tubes in the store.  Once I got home, washed them, and filled them, the sequins sat too low in some of the tubes you couldn't see them in the coffee tin.  I quickly changed that out for an old crock I had a plant in.  I must say, it was really really hard to wait for two days why the test tubes dried after cleaning.  There was nothing that I could insert to help speed the process.  These colorful guys would have stuck if the inside was even the slightest bit damp.  It was definitely worth the wait.

How do you small your sequins?  I would love to know.


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