December 2, 2012

Warning: Photo heavy!

I come on here, every once and a while, professing that I am busy beyond belief, blah blah blah.  Then, here comes November.  Then December, and I realize how busy I really am.  How does one find time to have a "real" job.  I just don't have time!  I am about to overload you with photos from the last few weeks and comment on a few things that have been uber fun for me recently.  

Thanksgiving.  We were supposed to have 12 people eating but ended with only 8 minutes before the meal.  So yes, there is WAY too much food here but ya gotta do your  best, right?  Here are some of the yummy treats that made it to my table.  Notice the square crystal bowl?  Many of you know that I have a dish fetish.  A while back, my step-gradmother, if you will, asked me if I wanted any of her dishes.  Why of course I did.  The one thing that I specifically asked for was the bowl that she made her Orange Salad in every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is the only thing that goes in that bowl and yes, it does taste better served in such a beautiful dish.  That beautiful bowl on the riser is from Spain, my favorite husband brought that back for me on one of his first trips.  The red dishes are from the lady up the street that was throwing them away.  

Cub Scouts - we were blessed to be able to participate in Toys for Tots again this year through Cub Scouts.  Of course this is something that we had done with the Marine Corps for many years, so we are partial to it.  Hope to head over to the warehouse and volunteer again this year.

Wondering where my boy slept the night before???  Just look for Pooh.  That would be a great indication.  This guys has been around before Roman was born.  I remember walking through Target with a bulging belly, shopping for my boy to be.  This is what we got.

My friends husband threw a surprise birthday party for her last weekend in Maine.  I wrapped her present in the paper that SHE designed.  What a fantastic time.  That is his creepy head in the back ground!

Since I am talking about friends, this is my other friends creation.  She has now given me 4, yes 4 phone bags for my car.  I just love them.  This one is for Christmas and can be used again for Valentines!  Aint she clever?

Learning to play chess!  I just do not have the brain power to waste on such a game.  I thank God for my patient husband.

My decorated mantel.  Again, how does one find time for a "real" job!!!

That sneaky elf has arrived again this year.  I think he is going to be mischievous.

15 roses, 15 chocolate covered strawberries!  What more could a girl ask for on a 15th anniversary?  More strawberries!  I am now sporting a Beeeeee-utiful watch too.  I am a lucky gal.  Imagine how difficult it would be for me to photograph my watch on my wrist! hehehe

Just one more note.  I have another friend who invited me to lunch just yesterday.  This is the view from the end of her driveway.  I wish you could see better.  Past that flag pole is the ocean.  So, please forward my mail to my new address!  I am moving!!!

Thanks for checking in with me.  I shall post again really soon since I will be participating in an eclectic Paperie Blog hop again on December 6th!  Can't wait to see you there.


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