December 27, 2012

Day after the day after Christmas blues:o( Warning: Photo heavy

We are all in a bit of a funk around here.  The fact that I cleaned up the tree yesterday(compulsive disorder) and all this wind and rain we are getting today.  Man, it would be awesome if this were snow!!  Our back yard is currently flooded and we might need a boat to get to the playground.  Christmas was absolutely wonderful.  It all started two days before.  My mom came down, then my sister.  We had a small gathering Christmas eve with some good friends and ate like pigs who had been starved for 7 days.  I swear, it was awful.  We may have set a world record.  Speaking of world record, my sister gave Roman a world record book.  Have you ever seen the lady with the longest fingernails???  Thought I had seen her at Wal-mart a few months back but I was wrong.  I would post a photo but none of you would return to my blog.  Ever.  It's straight up disgusting.  

I wanted to share with you a couple more December Daily photos then I shall share with you a few gifts that were under our tree!  I love santa!

December Daily:  Day 9  Don't you love the silver bling.  She stares into the crack of the pantry, hoping someone will see how pathetic she looks and give her a treat.  This is on going.

December Daily:  Day 10

December Daily:  Day 11

December Daily:  Day 12

December Daily: Day 13

December Daily: Day 13 too

December Daily:  Day 14

It has bee sooooo much fun.  I love the colors of these last three layouts.  

Here are some of my favorite photos of Christmas.  I wrapped my presents with newspaper from foreign countries.  It was a good idea until I looked at my hands.  MESSY!!!  I hoped that no-one read any of the captions about terrorists:o)

My mom arrived and Roman was thrilled!

My sister and my mom making popcorn balls.  My all time favorite Christmas treat.  

YUMMO!!!  There are none left.  Do you see that one in the bottom right corner???  See the clump of butter on it!  Guess who go that one???  hehehe

We went bowling Christmas eve.  Soooo much fun.  Roman, without cheating, won the first game!

Me and my much older sister!

Sprinkling reindeer food to ensure that Santa can find our house.

Romans buds!

Setting out food for Santa and his reindeer.

Overflowing stockings.  My favorite part!

Santa brought red and black wrapped gifts.  Remember, there were 6 people here.  These are not all for me!!!

My mom made Jesus' birthday cake again this year.  One of our favorites!  German Chocolate.

My little man.

Posters for re-decorating his room.


Milford, Mil, Mil vanil 

Flo, Flo-rida

iPad mini:  mini for short!

Lego time!

MINE TOO!!!!  Look at this bad larry!!!

Merry Christmas to you and Happy Birthday Jesus!



  1. I love your make me giggle and smile. My first question is am I going to see you in the year 2013??? Pretty please? Let's get one show on the schedule together. Second question: Did you finish your DD album? I love it so far.....can't wait to see the rest. I should really do one since I took a picture every day to send to my parents, inlaws, and grandma for Sharing Christmas this year. I think I have a Christmas Button Farm kit lying around somewhere....hmmm. Love this post! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend!

  2. Look how much FUN you all are having!! Nice to have loved ones together <3 Happy new year, sweet friend! xo