January 1, 2012

Results from the contest!

Oh my, I won the craft challenge over at Crate Paper Blog.  I was soooooo excited.  You should read some of the amazing comments people made.  There were some really creative projects and I feel extremely blessed to have won.  I still get to share my creation over at the kit club at the end of this month since that was the paper line we were handed to create something.  Although I have undecorated and stuffed everything back away for the year, I have left this album out.  It is kinda wintery until you open it.  I think I can get away with it for a bit:o)

What a world wind it has been lately.  My niece, Fifi, came home for Christmas this year and they were at my house for 5 days.  I had so much fun with her, my sister and my mother.  I had not seen her for 3 years.  She is now 20 but last I saw here I swear she was 10.  Time flies way too fast.  Of course time has stopped in my house as of now because my little guy is super sick with fever and vomiting. (tmi?)  He just can't shake it:o(  Roman and Fifi had a blast.  Here are some of my favorite photos.  

 This is Fifi and her new best friend Roman.  He had a serious crush.  Yes, I know, she looks just like me! (wink!!!)

 This is my much older sister, Marcia.  (She's gonna kill me!)

 See, can't you tell she is older?

This would be my handsome boys.  

I have no idea what happened to all the height in my family.  It was all gone by the time it was my turn.

Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I just love hearts.  I have already created my class for the end of January and will share with you later this week.  Thanks for stopping by.  

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