January 24, 2012

Love/Hate Relationships

Cat vs. Dog
My animals fight like cats and dogs, hahahaha.  Seriously.  I hear my cat moan or my dog yelp.  I am constantly breaking up fights.  I find that the dog is always a bit too rough with my cat.  Maybe because she is still a puppy and everyone refuses to tell her otherwise.  She also thinks that she rules the roost.  Since I recently bought all this Paper Heart by Crate Paper, I needed to find a picture that depicts true love to use some of it up.  It's almost Valentine, hence the reason I need some decoration around my house.  I searched for a photo of my husband and I.  I either didn't like my 'waddle' or my position or my face or my hands, or my socks or the background or my, whatever!!!!  Nothing was right.  Of course, I have many of my son and husband but I use those all the time.  Then I came upon the photos you will see in the layout below.  At 9pm sharp, they go from being enemies to best friends.  They forgive each other for the days mishaps and lay together like they are Siamese twins, hahahaha.  First I hear this sopping messy kissing noise of them bathing each other, then they find just the right position and settle in for the long haul.  Usually they commence this ceremony with the inevitable......snoring.  Both of them.  It is disgusting.  So, without further ado, he is my handsome boy cat, Milford and his sexy sister, Flo.  (I think they snore because they are squishing each other!)

If you are interested in adoption, feel free to contact me!  I will send them to you at no charge:o)