May 2, 2011

World traveler!

I have been gone for two weeks now and leave tomorrow for another week!!!  First my family went to NC to see some friends and hit the beach.  We had a great time.  We bowled, miniature golfed, went to the beach and visited with some really great people.  Then, Roman and I headed home.  Or tried to head home.  Have you ever heard of an airline having the parent sit in the emergency row and the six year old child sit separately????  They even had the nerve to ask me if I cared.  ARE YOU KIDDING???  What do you think the other people would think when my son would ask for a soda and spill it everywhere?  Would they have to clean it up???  hmmmmm........

Then I was off to Manchester the the day after I got back.  Any of you go?  I was with The Button Farm and did not have time to breath!  Well, maybe I did cause I am still alive!  It was a fantastic show.  For those of you who made it by the booth, did you love love love the Antique Beach album??  I got myself one!!!  I was also able to take advantage of the 'yard sale' which was a big hit.  I have plans to get together with some local kit club friends and scrap!  Can not wait!!!

Tomorrow I leave for Novi, Michigan with The Button Farm again.  I have never been there.  I hope it is not hot.

So today I am pretty excited.  My animals are coming home!!  Milford, the cat has been gone for a month.  Flo, the dog has been gone for two weeks.  This morning, Roman said this was the last day that he can get dressed in peace without Flo taking his socks and underwear and running through the house like a three ring circus!

My mom, aka Tea Grammy, was trying to teach Roman how to sew.  In my last kit club with Ink About It, we received this perfect hand and tag that says "upholstering."   They were perfect to use for this layout!

We also received some old style ink pen tips.  Perfect for a homework layout.  He was also drinking tea from my really cool new tea cups from Singapore.  I love to layer, check out the layers on this butterfly picture below.  The frog with the top hat was another favorite.  Perfect for my prince!!!

These are the mothers day book marks that I made last month and forgot to post.  They came out great and will surely be enjoyed.  I scrap-lifted this idea from the CK magazine.

I will leave you with one last pic of my soon to be famous baseball star.  Can't you just see the hunger in his eyes?!!


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