May 26, 2011

My sweet boy and his cat.

Roman is currently participating in two sports right now.  One is Soccer.  This is him, picking flowers during his recent soccer game.  I love this boy!!!  During practice when the coach starts to ask, "anyone want.....(Roman has his arm in the air before the coach can finish the question) to take a break?"  He was definitely not built for speed but is has good team spirit. 

He also participates in T-Ball.  This may actually be his sport.  He loves to hit.  The problem is, he needs to hit home runs cause that fast running around the bases is not for him.  He needs home runs in order to take that slow casual stroll from base to base.  So, guess what he is doing when his team is up to hit but it is not his turn?  If you guessed picking flowers, you were right!  ( Have I  mentioned that I love the program Instagram on my Iphone?  If you don't have it you MUST check it out.)

This is Mil, Mil Vanil, Milli Vanilli, or just plain Milford.  He loves tight uncomfortable places.  This is my sewing box.  I can just imagine what he wants to say at this point.  "Get that camera out of my face." 


Completely sunk.

Kiss your kids and pets today!

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