October 4, 2021

Missing in Action!

 Hi friends.

I have been pretty much in a bubble for the last few months.  

When I stepped down from Paper Issues, I stopped crafting pretty much all together.  I didn't realize that it kept me going with having deadline responsibilities.  But that is not all.  We have had some heartache here in our little world.  

On September 1st, my step mother Pam passed away.  10 days later on September 11th, my father passed. Most people ask if it was from COVID, but neither death was.  They both had normal health issues.  Which is terrible, but at least they did not add to the COVID count like my grandfather back in November.  Anyway, to make things more difficult, while I was in FL, taking care of Pam's arrangements, my son had an emergency appendectomy.  I know he was well taken care of by his father, but being away was very hard.  I'm his mama.  I was able have a nice lunch and visit with my father before his passing, but I was not in town when he died.  I had come home Wednesday to drive to Maine on Thursday to be with my mom for her major surgery that was scheduled on Friday.  It seemed like a month long 10 days.  

I am grateful to God.  Grateful I had a wonderful phone call with Pam on Sunday, before her surgery on Monday.  She was not strong enough to recover and passed Wednesday.  

My visit with my father at his rehab facility, allowed him to know that I was there.  That I cared.  That they were important to me.  It also gave me the chance to hear his wishes for his wife.  I was able to ask important question and have time to see him.  He seemed healthy at the time.

I am grateful my son and mom are mending well.

If you knew Pam at all, she was definitely a romantic.  Enough for both of them really.  She would have loved the ending of their love story.  I also think she would say,  'he just couldn't live without her.' 

It has been a tough month.  One thing I did not know about by father was how organized and particular he was with things.  Maybe the apple does not fall far from the tree with that trait.  I love to 'think' I am organized.  

So, bare with me.  I did craft for Queen & Co recently and will be sharing soon.  They have some super super cute new essentials for every crafters collection.  Plus, a pretty cute new Halloween release that is to die for.

Thanks for checking in!


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