May 11, 2018

Marine Reunion - Paper Issues

A couple years ago, a bunch of Marines got together for a mini reunion.  It was fabulous.  On this day, we spent the day on the Battleship North Carolina.  There definitely is a bond of brotherhood between these men and their families.  I love being a part of it.  We have made friends for life with so many people. 
I find that we are very loyal and committed to relationships that we develop.  
It has been a struggle since we have left the Marine Corps.  
It seems to me that people have a much different perspective on what a friend is.  During my husbands 20+ years, we have made friends that are like family.  We bring them into our hearts unconditionally.  

Any-who, I played along with the Paper Issues Monochromatic challenge.  Its pretty fun.  I may have cheated because you can use black or white as an add on and I used silver.   Oops!
Oh, I used Pebbles Night Night collection from the PI Store.  Get it or anything else for 2-% off with code: Mary-Ann.

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