March 11, 2018

The Good Stuff - Fancy Pants

My husband and I have been married over 20 years and together over 24. This is us, early on in our dating period.  I stumbled across this photo just last week before Valentines day.  We look like such babies.  I wanted to document it with product, worthy of hanging on the wall.  I had just revived my new goodie box  from Fancy Pants and The Bright Side collection had the perfect colors.  

My mom gifted me tons of her buttons.  She even scrounged tons from her knitting group.  My step mother also gave me her mother's tin.  I can not tell you where these buttons came from, but I am certain they have a 20+ year story to tell too.  

I love when the product itself, offers you titles with in the collection.  I used 'the good stuff' as my easy title.  I used piece of a cut file from The Cut Shoppe - Blooming Bouquets.  It added a little more depth to the  floral clump.

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