March 19, 2017

Jumbo Snickers - Paper Issues

Once a month, on a Sunday, Paper Issues does a Swag Bag Challenge, called Swag Bag Sunday.  Well, today is the day.  This month the Swag Bag was filled with sweet treats.  Like, lots of donuts and pinks.  

Right after Christmas, I bought this Snickers bar for Roman for 27 cents.  (Where is the cents symbol?)  Anyway, it took him days to eat.  Like, lots of days.  It was huge.  I have never scene anything like it in my life!  

Here is a look at my layout.  Go to Paper Issues and use code: Mary-Ann for anything that you see.  Get 20% off with it.  You could enter this challenge and win a prize too.  Go to the PIFF page for instructions.  

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