December 8, 2015


Around the Christmas season, we often get told that our son looks just like the boy from Christmas Story.  We could see how people would think that.  It wasn't exact but definitely a resemblance.  One day last year, we walked into my all  time favorite store, Target, and there it was.  A large kiosk for the movie, Christmas Story.  On the side was a huge picture of the boy.  My son scrunched down and said, "mama look!"  OMG, I can definitely see the what people saw!  He is the EXACT image!  Unfortunately, we do not get royalties:o(  If they ever do a remake of the movie, he would for sure get the part!  Don't you think?

You can check out my entire layout over on the Fancy Pants blog.  If you havent' seen their new Wish Season collection, you really want to take a look!

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