August 25, 2015

Weekly Planner Pad - mambi

Sometimes, it is important to get your kids involved.  This is a time where it is necessary in our house.  Going back to school is not a welcome event around here.  So, with a busy "kid" schedule rapidly coming towards us, I decided to use my Weekly Planner Pad to help my boy understand his responsibilities.  Plus, it will help me get him where he needs to go on time.  I asked him if he would like to help decorate my planner pad.  He chose all the stickers and the color of the markers that were added here.  He had the most fun choosing the washi we used from my wide collection.   More activities will arise the first week of school so I had to leave some space for that.  I know music will be added once we get the schedule.

After washi tape, the first thing he wanted me to add is the bus.  Even a kid going into 5th grade, loves bright primary colors.  It was fun to do together.  Better than his Minion calendar hanging in his room with NOTHING written on it!  Maybe together, we can mold him into a planner addict too!

I used the Paper Mate Flair pens that I use for my Happy Planner too.  They do not bleed or run, they are perfect and offer tons of colors!  

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