February 3, 2015

Braves - A Flair for Buttons

Don't you agree that this looks like the best baseball team on the planet?  Or at least it was last baseball season!  We will soon see which team my boy will be on this year.  

I would like to talk for a second about stamps.  Well, flair first and then stamps.  Shelley from A Flair for Buttons, sent me this set of  flair, Baseball Flair quite a long time ago.  I had my pictures but was unsure of the papers I was going to use.  When I recently received a package from Studio Calico kit club, I knew right away which photos I would use, in turn, which flair I was going to use.  This brings me back to stamps.  Not often am I wowed  by the stamps they send.  But this saying was perfect.  Perfect for the challenges my boy faces, being on any sports team, attending school, playing with friends.  It is often that this statement could bring me comfort.  So, as it goes, it works perfectly with everything about this layout and the flair.  Who cares how good you are.  You can not do well if you don't try.  

Here is my layout.

You will have to go over to A Flair for Buttons too see more close up of the details.  Or you could just cut to the chase and head to the ETSY store to buy some flair for yourself!

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