December 20, 2013

Dec 7th & 8th

I am WAYYYYYY behind with my December Daily (DD) but am keeping up with pretty much everything else.  I have come to the conclusion that I will not be baking for me neighbors this year.  I always do.  I am running out of time.  I have heard that from so many people this year.  Where did that week go after Thanksgiving.  I need it back!!

Here is December 7th.  Not all days are about Christmas.   I tried to make this about the other activities that my boys partakes in.  There is so much crammed into 25 days its cray cray!
He also went to a Festival of Trees.  Apparently you buy tickets, drop them in a bucket and hope to win that tree.  He didn't win his favorite, thank goodness, what would I do with this tree of Spongebob stuff??

This picture makes me happy, a bunch of boys having fun.  At someone else's house!

December 8th......
I was bored at hunting and fishing store.  I felt that something was behind me!  Dickey took a break from his craziness and hung out with Baby Jesus for the day.  The picture of Roman and Santa is one of my favorites.  This was taken back in November but needed to be included in the DD.  

Thanks for stopping in to see my fun DD.  Hope to share more soon.

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