November 26, 2013


There are so many reasons to be thankful.  I just wanted to focus on the "food" in this layout.  To give you a run-down, my favorite part of any holiday meal is the Pinapple Orange Salad.  It is my step-grandmother's (Avis) recipe.  Before she passed, she gave me the crystal dish that she used to serve it in.  To this day, for every holiday, I make this salad and only use this dish.  
Something else you may not know about me, or maybe you do, I am a dish horder.  See the red depression dishes in the picture, they come from a lady down the street that was trashing them.  Trashing them!!!  The beautiful blue dish holding the smashed taters, that comes from Spain.  So peeps, I am thankful for food, dishes, a house to hoard it all in, a husband who doesn't care, family, friends and a hobby that allows me to express my graditude any way I want!




What are you thankful for?  Be sure to scrap about it!  

Flair used in this layout:  


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