May 30, 2013

Why Me?

We have all see Marmaduke (a talking dog movie) or the Facebook advertisments about animals with captions that represent what the animal is saying, right?  Well, this is Flo, a female dog who has an 8 yr old boy as her owner.  Instead of nail polish and hair bows, she is forced to do boy things, like dress as GI Joe.  I can not believe I had time to grab my camera, turn it on, and capture this horrified look on her face.  This post should be an advertisment, "free to a good home!"  But it is not! I need to keep her so that I can scrapbook with pink embellisments!  Here I used Wishbone, Lucky You, Pretty Poppies and Little Trinket paper from Dear Lizzy - Lucky Charm paper line.  The stickers, chipboard, die cuts and tags are from that line too.  I started with drawing a  grid formation on my base paper.  Cut my title, then scattered  small items where I thought the looked good leaving plenty of room for my Flair, all three of them because I could not decide!  On this layout I used.......Hunter 2 Flair(couldn't resist), Whatever Flair and Minimal 1 Flair




Thanks for taking a peek and see you soon!

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