September 20, 2012

Eager to learn!

Roman has now officially started second grade.  I turned twice to look at him just yesterday, he has grown so much and is loosing his "babyness."  Is that even a word?  Two nights ago, he and I were looking through some of his old baby scrapbooks.  He was emotional and started to cry.  He walked away and said, "I can't take it anymore."  He has the biggest heart.  I, on the other hand, was thinking, wow, I can not believe I thought that was a good layout!  I thought for sure he was crying because of the choices I made in designing.  Nope, he was real.  Took in every page, picture and tried to recollect the moment.  I missed out on a great moment.  I will try to get them out again, sit and pay attention to what he is thinking and feeling.  Start engraving my name on that "mother of the year" award. 

I believe that I have mentioned that I scrap better under pressure.  Pressure being company coming for 7 days, three meals a day, entertainment, and regular every day activities.  Instead of cleaning my floors and vacuuming Tuesday, I got together with my chum, Kathy and played with the local kit club kit from Ink About It.  We meet for the first time in 3 months next Wednesday.  I hadn't even touched it.  Plus, I need to get ready for my next class I am teaching locally using Farmhouse Paper Company.

First Day - Grade 2
All of the below layouts use Crate Paper - Storyteller line.  I just love it.  I added some thickers, an envelope and some Studio Calico wood veneer pieces.  In the envelope, I tucked in some of the other photos of the day.

Homework Already!
Look at that cool protractor!  Isn't that what that is?  It's been so long since I have been to school:o)  This is Monday, the start of the second week of school and Roman is excited to do homework.  He is the kinda kid that has to get it done right away.  If I need to run a errand after collecting him from the bus stop, it screws up his whole plan.  This kid has 30-45 minutes of homework Mon-Thur.  Did I mention he is only in second grade????  Anyway, he still loves homework and is on week three.  Lets take bets on how long that will last.

We have been involved in our local farming program here in Methuen.  Matter of fact, it is within walking distance of my house.  We live on what used to be part of the farm.  Although you could walk, you MUST drive on vegetable share day cause this baby weighed about 20+ lbs.  It is always stacked to the gills with freshly picked veggies. (That sounded like a commercial!)  On this layout, I threw in some Chic Tags product an tad of twine.  

Thank you for looking, reading and hopefully feeling my pain.


  1. Love all your layouts...I have been putting off deadlines & cleaning to scrapbook too. Feels good doesn't it?? Every time I read your blog I wish I could drie over for your scrapbook fun!

  2. Always stunning Mary-Ann! These are beautiful and Roman crying...bless his heart, what a love!