April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

It all started with a sleep over Friday night with his buddy Alex.  This is Roman's first.  Of course they were not more than two inches away from each other at any time.  Here is a picture of the cards that I made for the some people.  I thought it was bright and cheerful.  I used my scraps from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan paper line.  What stunk was, they are too fat for regular mail (because of the pom poms and button), so there is one, still sitting in my kitchen waiting to be taken to the post office.  

Not sure why this picture is so cloudy?

My mom and sister came Saturday for the festivities.  We colored eggs.  I should have boiled more, didn't realize that the adults would have as much fun.  I think Mamut colored more than Roman:o) 

Perfection!!!  Those will be turned into deviled eggs in the am!

Tea Gram:o)

We came down in the morning to see what the bunny brought.......only eggs!  No basket????  5 minutes later at 6:45, did I say 6:45????  Yes, at 6:45, the doorbell rang and the Easter  bunny was at our door.  He must have forgotten to leave the basket when he hid the eggs.  We think the dog scared him away too soon so he had to come back.  

"Mom, do you know how I know that the Easter Bunny is real?"  "No, how?" "Because he can't talk!"  Pure innocence and belief.  I don't think it will last that much longer.  He failed to see the large zipper in the back of the bunny suit or the skin between his glove and sleeve that peeked out cause the costume was too short!!!  I love this stage.  

Roman and Mamut.

For those of you wondering, YES they do make one piece Pj's big enough for my boy!!  

"Look mom, I'm a candy millionaire!!!"

I wish I could stop time, he is growing way to fast.  Praise God for your blessings.  I am grateful for so much, even my crazy family!


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