February 3, 2012

Hang on!

I think that I have mentioned this before, but here it goes.  In the past, I used to scrapbook chronologically. I would get stuck on something and wouldn't be able to move on or produce something that I really hated.  Well, looking back, lol, what was I thinking anyway:o)  So, I now scrapbook out of order.  This makes it much easier for me.  I get to choose pics to go with the paper I want to play with.  Also, when I get on a trend, like; homemade paper, notches, twine etc, you won't be able to spot that trend because even though I used the same technique over and over, it is spread throughout my photo albums and not all clumped together in a time frame.  If you know me, this was a difficult transition.  I have not been diagnoses with OCD, so, I don't claim it, but I have tendencies toward everything having to be in order.  Even scrapbooking chronologically.  With that said, I have recently scrapped with October Afternoon's Sidewalk collection.  Oh my, I LOVE the colors.  When I bought the paper, a friend of mine questioned the fact that I had a boy and this was a bright line.  (Sue:O))  So, this is what I came up with.  The pic dates back to July of 09.  Here is my take on a sketch from OA blog.

This "Play" card had a girl in the bottom right hand corner.  I covered her with the boy sticker and inserted a heart sticker on a toothpick instead of the large banner he was attached to.  Notice the vintage buttons.  I cut the yellow one, which created a huge mess, shards of plastic everywhere.  But, isn't it cute sticking out behind the cloud?  Hmmmm, maybe my new trend will be toothpick banners.  They are everywhere:o)


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