December 14, 2011

2010 Christmas album (a little late:o))

Oh what fun it is to play......when I have a million and one things left to do in just 11 days.  Have I wrapped a single present.....NO.  Have I mailed a single card.....NO.  I have mailed any packages that are being sent afar.....NO.  Now if that darn Elf that keeps moving around every night would just help me, then maybe, I would get something done!  
Instead of spending time on "really important" things, I have been spending time on just "important" things.  Well, they are important to me:o)  I think I still have jet lag.  From two weeks ago.  Even though it was still the same time zone.  I did met a friend for coffee today and received these really cozy slippers that are encasing me feet as I type.  (Thanks Kathy!) 

Here are the results of my procrastination.  I even took out the sewing machine.  Yeah me!

Check out this uber cute Christmas tree made of buttons.  Isn't it just darling? (The idea I got from Pinterest, another addiction that I have.) I love the colors.  I love the colors of this whole album.  It is made with the Peppermint line from Crate Paper.  You can buy it too, just click on the link "Crate Paper" to the right side of my blog under "People I Stalk."  Once there, you can be directed to where you can but it.

Look at those handsome animals.  All three of them:o)

Check back next year for this years photos:o)  jk


  1. Hi Mary-Ann! Miss seeing you my friend! Love your album and that button Christmas tree is toooo cute! Hope you are doing well! XOXO

  2. Hi! I just saw your mini over on the Crate blog and had to come over here to see if you had pics of the inside and you do!! I love it!! Awesome job with it!!