June 13, 2011

Notes from my Life:

What a crappy weekend.  Usually I love rain but this weekend the weather was not on my side.  Rain + company + Wii = not so exciting:o(  So, yesterday my boys went to see Pirates of the Caribbean while I stayed home and scrapped.  It was a pretty productive day all in all but I should have gone to the movie.  This is what I created..............drum roll please...........

It is not often that I get to play with pink.  I love it.  The color that is.

Back to the share with you how depressing it really has been, Thursday night T-ball was cancelled and Sunday soccer was cancelled.  The only good day was Friday and with the help of some elves, we tore down our deck.  (These elves work for food and beer!)  I can not believe that I did not take a picture of the before for you, but you should see the red-neck way we hooked up steps to get by until our patio is installed.  I gotta get a picture of it:o)

This is my boys last week of school.  Pray that I remember to take a picture of him on Thursday.  (I am weeping.)  I am very proud if him for completing Kindergarten.  Now, 12 more years to go!  
I shall see you later, I gotta go, I can not concentrate with my pup snoring so loudly!


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