January 29, 2011



I was at my local Michael's store and saw this package of hearts for $3.99.  I decided that they would be great Valentine's for Roman to bring to school.  Of course I hoard paper, so I had plenty that would match the hearts perfectly.  I started by measuring a small square that my heart would fit on first then built out from there.  Roman chose the words that he wanted from a really old stamp set.  I knew when I bought it it would come in handy one day!  Even if it was three years later!!!  They had a ton of Martha Stewart ribbon on sale for $1.29 so I got two red rolls.  Wish I got more cause these took almost two rolls.  So, for less than $8.00 I created 30 Valentines!  Don't get me wrong, I love the boxes, already made Valentine's but, I could not resist these uber cute hearts.  Did I mention that I hoard?  I have another bag of them just starring at me!!

I LOVE V-Day!  Hope he gives the girls in his class this "Kiss" ones! 
  Hugs and Kisses,

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  1. I love these! I always make the kids because it gives me a reason to sit and be crafty!