October 27, 2014

Surprises all around!

Today has been a great day for playing with paper!  I got some good news, twice!   Apparently, I am the September Sketch winner over in the Newsletter at Fancy Pants!  I am on page 16!  This is the layout that I won with.....

I also won the $100 a Day Creativity Contest over at  Here is that layout, you just saw it yesterday:o)

I feel really honored and blessed to be a part of the opportunities that have been presented to me.  I really enjoy playing with paper and am extremely excited to be sharing my hobby with others that enjoy it too.  I have self doubt.  Question my abilities.  Wonder if others will like it.  It doesn't matter.   I really love it and my son's wife will hate me for all the books she will have to do something with.  But, I don't care:o)  Not sure I am fond of her anyway!  Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you.  

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