October 15, 2014

Open Lap - mambi

When I was creating layouts and projects to submit to mambi (me & my BIG ideas) this is one that I designed.  Not sure why I haven't shared it, I think it got lost on the shuffle. I am wondering if this is the layout that got me a spot on the team!  Could it be 11 POCKETPAGES™ all on one layout?  Could it be the color combo?  Or, could it just plain be that SEXY dog, front and center with the big bat ears?  I am thinking that I know the answer!  I hope no one tells me the truth:o)

In case you were wondering, I did have to cut down the size of each card slightly to get them arranged on the layout the way I had envisioned it in my  head.  I used other POCKETPAGES™ and cut out designs that I wanted to back with foam for dimension.  I also used mambiSHAPES and stickers.  A little machine sewing, a few puffy hearts and sequins & enamels completed my page.  

WARNING:  if you are visiting my home, DO NOT expose your lap. 

Thank you for looking!

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