October 1, 2014

EEEEK! Spiders are Everywhere - The Rubber Cafe

Things are crawling and creeping everywhere this time of year, especially the front of my house.  We have webs and large spiders speckled on the siding to spook all kids big and small.  There may be a few large rubber rats to catch as you walk by too, but I am not sure.  I would rather see the look on your face than to warn you!  I can not help  but obsess over these spiders and the large web on the "Halloween Traditions" Stamp set included in your September Creative Cafe KOTM.  Quick, simple and clean.  Unless you make a mess with the embossing powder and have to re-start all over again:o)

Any-who, this creepy card was displayed over at The Rubber Cafe a couple day ago and wanted to share it with you here. 

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