April 11, 2015

Wall Re-do - mambi

Ok, my entry from the garage from the kitchen is narrow and tight.  
It was in desperate need of a re-do.  When I received the Special Edition DIY Gallery Art Pads from mambi,  
I headed out to make some changes.  


As a family, over coffee one weekend morning, we collectively picked what we wanted on the wall.


I used vintage frames to house the art.  I used wash tape to secure the papers to the back of the frames since there was no glass.  This way, I can remove the tape, switch out the art without harming anything.  I also added a few smaller pieces to the metal board with washi as well.  

This area needed to remain practical because this is where we keep our schedules and chore charts.  Having a collection of colorful pens nearby, makes it easy to color code activities.

I hope you have enjoyed my very small makeover.  It is fun to change things. 
Problem is, it starts a dominos effect and it is hard to stop once you get going.

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