April 20, 2015

Meal Planning - April - mambi

Because of the meal planner addition for The Happy Planner, I have been on the ball with organizing and preparing meals for my family.  Sometimes there are changes but for the most part, we have been sticking to the schedule.  We have been trying to cut back on eating out, so this is the perfect aid.  I have to tell you, it has saved us money in the long run.  We are eating what we have at home and I find that I am throwing away less waste.  I love the flat and the puffy stickers.  They just add dimension and color to my pages.  I am keeping my planner practical.  You will see cross outs and mistakes, but that is life, right?  I do take out my pages to write on them.  I find that it is much easier than trying to write close to the rings.  

This has been so much fun.  You can see what is important, it MAY be highlighted with red washi take and a red exclamation point!  I hope that you will consider The Happy Planner™ to help you plan.

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