January 3, 2013

CHA peek numero dos!

Just look at those colors!  I am not normally a fan of houndstooth.  Usually its on some type of fabric, but here, it is shrunk down to a 6x6 paper pad and is absolutely fabuloso!   

I would LOVE to take credit for what you are about to see, but I can not.  Wait, I can take credit for the scale in the background!  Bought it with my own hard earned money for my friend Angela for Christmas.  She has gone and created something oh so fabuloso!  Then, used the scale to display such beauties.  I think I need a vacation to some exotic place to better use my byligualness.  Yes, that is a word in my vocabulary.  This is why I DO NOT home school:o)  

It is called, Country Kitchen.  It will be shipping in March over at Farmhouse Paper Company.  Check it out and be sure to tell them that I sent ya!

Its been 3 1/2 yrs. since we have moved in this house after Randy retired from the USMC.  If he were still in, it would be about time to move.  So of I figured, instead of moving, I'll just rearrange!  So off I go to rearrange a bedroom!  


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