January 31, 2012


I came across this really great sketch blog and thought I would try and get some 12x12 pages completed with the assistance of a talented sketcher.  I love trying to create off of someone else's sketch.  I always change it a bit and give it a little twist.  If everyone kept it the exact same it would be boring.  So here is my interpretation or twist on the above sketch.

As you can see, I turned mine to the side.  Look how small my boy was and how young my handsome husband looks.  This pic was taken when we lived in an apartment complex waiting on my house to be built.  Notice Roman's teeth:o)  They were oh so tiny.  Now, we tell him he has horse teeth, and when we do, he makes a horse noise.  Not sure how to spell that horse noise but you get the idea!  I have this huge stash of October Afternoon and 7-Gypsies cards and tags.  This was a great place to use some of those.  I love the little pic up in the corner of the parachute guy flying through the air.  Looks like my boys are looking up at it!


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