January 2, 2012

Mini V-Day cards:o)

Here are a couple of my mini cards for V-Day.  Can't wait for my son to bring them to all the pretty girls in his class:o)

I think that this one will go to Mica.  The girl he wrote the love note to a while back.  Of course, he never gave it to her.  He said it got ripped up on the bus.  I FOUND IT!!!  It even had our number at the bottom but I cropped that off.  How sweet and innocent.  He did tell me the other day that she has a boyfriend.  I remember my 1st grade boyfriend.  I "think" he knew he was my boyfriend but I'm not sure.  We never talked but we did sit by each other.  <3

I have made 10 cards.  Now I need 17 more for the rest of the class.  I think now I will mass produce with the remaining scraps.  Crate Paper has a great paper line out there too but I can not get my hands on it:o(  These little guys are from Basic Grey.  The hearts are awesome!  I just love the large die cut circle.  Wish I had a whole slew of those.  The pink ribbon wrapped around the circle card came from my local scrap store.  Isn't it beautiful?  These pictures are not great but it is iridescent and just an amazing color.   Did you notice my collection if flower frogs?  I have added to my stash and now have 7!   I  hope to find more.  Why you ask...... because 7 is just not enough:o)



  1. Super cute!! I am so ready for Valentine's projects! Love some hearts. Hope you are doing well! Miss you!

  2. I sure hope this will let me finally comment here! I changed some things so hopefully it will. I love your work Mary Ann and I miss you! Wish I could take your classes at Ink About It!

  3. What a sweet little man you have...your work as always is inspiring - i only wish i could see what you see when presented with a stack of amazing paper!