August 17, 2019

Good Times - Elle's Studio

Hey Elle's friends!

This is my first time experimenting with the stamps from Elle's Studio.  I loved the grid stamp in the Highlights From Today Stamp Set and wondered how I could incorporate that on a layout?!  I dug out all the color inks I could find that would coordinate nicely with the colorful 4x6 journal block in the August 2019 Kit.  

I trimmed down the 4x6 block to fit nicely around the base of my photo.  I laid this down on my base paper and drew a light pencil line around the frame.  This gave me an idea of where I could stamp, without worrying about getting ink on my photo.  I layered the stamp several times with varying colors.

I used stamps from the Back to School Stamp Set too.  The heart, star, the word Friends and 100% mini circle stamps were helpful in filling in empty space all around my layout.   The I cut the Best Friends Cork Circle from Makes Me Smile Cork Circles, in half and used it towards the top and near the bottom of my layout.  Trying to bring more of that color all around, forcing the eye to move about.

I made finally touches with Acrylic Sunglasses, and puffies from the Back To School puffy stickers.  These items brought in even more color and texture.  I did pull out an old tool, a marker with two different size ends that leaves large or small black circles.  I make lots of smaller dots all over the place.  

I love how it all came together.  Look how fun stamping on a 12x12 layout can be.  Most of the embellishments are from just the stamping!  You should give it a try!

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