August 28, 2015

September planner - mambi

Since I recently created a planner for my son's first week of school with the Weekly Planner Pad, it was time I got busy with MY first week of HIS back to school.  Time for a bit of pampering!  A spa day with my chums, lunch date and coffee with other pals.  Just ignore the nap, nap, nap listed for after church on Sunday!  

I started this spread with a color combo.  Many of you have been asking on Instagram and Facebook what the pens I am using.  I love love love the Paper Mate Flair pens.  They come in a variety of colors, and do not bleed through my planner pages or run.  I decided on a very girly palette, just what a mom who stayed home all summer with a boy and his pals, needs.  This spread is about me, my colors, my plans, my favorites.  Absolutely NO ONE else!  I deserve this right?  So do you.  Don't forget to tag The Happy Planner on IG so we can all see what you have been doing to keep yourself, or your family organized.

I made my own paperclips with clips, cardstock paper and stickers!


  1. This spread is AHHHH-MAZING! <3 I love how the color palette means that these plans were FOR YOU. YOUR plans, YOUR color palette. So good! ...and your SCHEDULED 'nap nap nap' on Sunday afternoon is genius! I have to start scheduling naps! ;)

  2. Looking at this makes me happy. I'm hoping to get into decorating my planner soon.

  3. I love flair pens and use them all the time at school and at home. I love your planner updates and the planner pad you are using with the boy for back to school. I need to get one of your blog updates.