July 13, 2015

July Planner - mambi

Oh my, are summers crazy around here.  July especially.  With the 4th, Bible school, Sherrif's Academy, company and a party, I don't know how I would make it without my planner.  You should see how messy my grocery section of my planner is!  If my head is still in tact at the end of July, that will be a miracle!  How about you?  What is your busiest month and how do you organize it all?  Here is a glimpse of my non-messy section of my planner, lol!  Oh, all the empty days you see in the book, those are POOL days!  Didn't think you wanted to see that repeated 20 times!  If you need me for anything on those days, you will know where to find me.

Thanks for stopping in today.

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