March 12, 2014

Happy Mail

It is amazing how a little tiny package of goodness can make you happy for days.  I have so much to do on my to do list that these little guys are taunting me.  I have them on one of my mini platters my handsome husband brought me back from Spain.  I try to display them on something different every time I get a package.  Lord knows I have too many choices since I have such a dish fetish.  I have an obvious flair fetish too!  Thank you Shelley Haganman for helping get a fix!

Do, this is what is on my desk right now for Marcy Penner's Workspace Wednesday.  Along with a pile of things to do!

You can get your flair at A Flair for Buttons.

1 comment:

  1. I love flair! And I have had some from a certain friend for sometime I need to USE it!!! P.S. I love the banner on your blog.