February 3, 2014

My to-do list!

I swear that my to-do list is never ending.  I really do keep a list, a never ending list.  I scratch something off and add three more things.  Maybe I shouldn't keep a list.  It is depressing.  But what would be more depressing is my lack of memory.  

So, big things on my list today was to do Bubba's party invites, Valentines for school and finish his Pinewood Derby car.  All have been accomplished.  

1.  Birthday Party invites complete, ready to hand out tomorrow and mail.

2.  27 Valentines complete and ready to be sent to school.

2a.  Quick unexpected trip to the doctor:o(

3.  Finished painting Pinewood Derby card and attached wheels, being sure they rotate appropriately.  Don't get me wrong, I solicited help from my two boys on this part:o)

It may not be the fastest car of the track but it surely will  be the coolest!

Derby is tomorrow, I'll keep you posted:o)

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