March 23, 2012

Button Love;o)

It's true, I have a thing for buttons.  I collect them.  I sort them.  I sort them again.  I find new containers and sort them again.  Of course, all my vintage buttons are still in the original packaging and not sorted in to this really cool new vessel.  Don't you just love it?  It is a vintage baby jar rack.  I think that you would lower this into steaming hot water to sanitize the buttons, I mean bottles!

 Last weekend at my mom's we were hanging in her sewing room and I saw a big box that was labeled buttons.  I had to paw through it, she hesitantly let me have only a handful.  Check these out!

Oh, and I have a dish fetish.  Just got some (new to me) depression glass from a lady up the street.  Here is what it looked like last night, newspaper, dirt and spiders included!

Oh my I need a bigger kitchen!  Since I have no sentimental attachment to these gems, I will be using them as my everyday ware.  IF and that is a capital IF, I can get them clean.



  1. LOVE your new button organizer! I have thought of doing some spice rack type of thing. I still need the countertops installed for my new cabinets then I shall decide what to do with them. Fun new dishes too!! Hope to see you soon, friend!

    1. Spice rack, are those bottles big enough??? Oh wait, you have have more and sort them out even more! I'll do it for you:o) I love to sort things! I started with mason jars. Had everything color coordinated in, buttons, brads. I didn't love it. Needed to break it down even more. Plus, I NEEDED this really cool baby bottle holder:o)