August 12, 2011

On the road again!

Hi!  I wasn't sure what the address was to return here to make another post cause it had  been so long:o)  I'll give you a re-cap of everything that has been happening and then sympathy from you can be provided in the box below!!! (jk)  I think you know that we made it back from a week in Florida.  Things are still not good with Randy's dad but he is hanging in there.  They have started him on Morphine and is not eating well.  Prayers please:o(  

Then, I was home for a day and headed off to Pennsylvania, the birthplace (state) of the famous, Roman Maldonado!!!  Actually, a few towns over but I love PA!  I was there for a scrapbooking convention, so you KNOW it was hard work but fun.  My friend and I thought we were 21 again and went with a group to a Karaoke bar!  Then we had to work the next day and break down the both.  I think we realized that we are not quite so young anymore.  

Then we were home for a day and left for a camping trip deep in the woods of Maine.  I was not attacked by a bear but I did hear some crazy noises at night.  I have searched the internet for what it could be but have not pinned it down yet.  Everyone that I was with claims it was a Coyote.  I, however, think that it was Sasquatch or something large and man eating!   That same friend I was talking about earlier, coerced me into seeing if we could pretend to be 21 yet again.  Nope, definitely not! :o)  I have heard that there is video!

If you know me, it is uncommon for me to leave camping stuff strewed about our garage.  It is a mess.  I can not bring myself to clean it and put it away.  The place we went to was called Black Point, at Richardson Lake in Maine.  It is Black Point for a reason.  Everything is black!!!  Now, we are off to a camping trip to NH with some other friends.  This is only for the weekend!  When I return from this, my dog and cat return home from being gone a month to their grandmothers.  I can not wait!  Then I leave Wednesday for another convention in Oklahoma.  Busy, busy, busy.  Did I mention that soon after that, Roman starts first grade?  I haven't even done any school shopping yet, oh dear me.  It will probably be a midnight trip to the local Wal-Mart.  Here are some fun photos from our trip.  I have not had time to breath, let alone scrap!  But school starts soon, so, I will!!!

Be back soon

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