March 12, 2015

Memories - mambi

With my husband retired from the Military and having been a part of it with him for many years, we have been away from family.  We would spend many holidays and life events with friends instead of our real family.  Now we are stationary now and not far from family.  We still have the habit, if you will, to make our friends like our family.  If we can not get together with the real thing, or even when we do, we still try and hang with our friends.  We are grateful for these two and their children.  This photo was taken at this past years, USMC ball.

This layout is made up of all things mambi with a little additions for decor.  Like I have said before, I try any chance I get to add pink to a layout.   These new papers from me & my BIG ideas are truly rich and beautiful.  

I LOVE these glittery mambiCHIPS.  Wish they were mass produced!  I also need to point out the little tin flair that is in this photo.  It comes from a kit club by Felicity Jane.  It is stunning.  They little glittery gems you will see on the layout are from this too.

This Small Talk title from mambi was the inspiration for this layout.  I love what it says and created the perfect jumping off point.

Have a great day.

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