March 17, 2015

Meal Planning - mambi

Have you all seen The Happy Planner™from me & my BIG ideas?  
Well, I have to tell you I was given the choice between 5 different books (go HERE to see the options).  I chose this one with lots of color.  When I received my box of goodness, I was slightly intimidated.  I divided my calendar from all of the "home" sections.  I used the black rings for the planner part and the pink rings for meal planning, budging, shopping and more.  I decided that I was going to use it practically.  I realize some people are decorating and creating with more substance but I plan to use mine on an everyday basis and discard all of my other lists and calendars that I have on my desk.  This will be what I refer to.  I must say, I have lots of friends that meal plan.  I semi-meal plan.  I jumped on and decide I am going to give it a hard go.  I think I did pretty well.  I have already grocery shopped for the week and have everything that I need for all of the meals listed.  
I am pretty excited about St. Patricks day.  Those Green Rice Crispy treats are going to be my favorite.  

I love this old receipt pick as a washi tape collector, I may need a few more:o)   I purchased some really pretty felt pens too.  Now, to keep my kid away from them.  He loves colored pens and pencils.
You will see different ways of using this planner in the upcoming months.  I hope once April comes, you will participate with me.  

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