March 9, 2015

Shrine Circus - mambi

Good morning.  
Today my Shrine Circus layout is being featured over at the me & my BIG ideas blog.  
The layout is from last years Shrine Circus event.  It was so much fun.  I have to tell you, we were seated in the front row, on the floor because I had walked in with crutches and all of the Shriners took care of us.  Amazing what kind of attention you get with metal legs!  I had just had my knee replacement, barely could walk but itching to get out of the house!  When we went to the food line (for the best greasy food ever) they let cut through the ropes, helped us hold our food and really were amazing.  I had dealt with Shriners a ton throughout my life and am never disappointed when around them now.  My uncle used to be a Shrine clown. Herbie the Love Bug was his name.  

Back to paper, here is my layout I created using the Brand New "Color Pop" papers, mambiSTICKS and mambiCHIPS.

Sitting in the front row was great until the elephants came out.  I can not tell you how close we were to them.  The pictures do not do any justice.  All I could think of was watching the show where the elephants went wild at a circus and ran through the crowd.  I was certain that you were going to see me on the news.   

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