October 30, 2015

TWD - Fancy Pants

  Fall has to be my favorite time of year!  The cool crisp breeze, remarkable foliage and candy!  lol.  Just kidding but not really!  I was excited to see that this week, over on the Fancy Pants blog, the Design team is focusing on Halloween.  

This year, costume choosing has become a battle. I want cute, like Buzz Lightyear, a cow or a minion.  My 10 year old wants to be a ninja, the Grim Reaper or Freddie Crueger.  We just can not compromise.  We, meaning my son and husband, have settled with a scary clown costume.  I will have to say, it is pretty scary.  The little kids are not going to like him. 

I am afraid that last year was the last time I had full influence on what he became for one night.  Zombie was the worst thing I would let him become.  Fake scars and all, you could still tell that it was him beneath a touch of make-up.

You can see more of my layout and the creepy zombie from last year over on the Fancy Pants blog.  

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