October 21, 2015

BOO - mambi

Good morning.  With halloween fast approaching, I thought I would share with you my most recent homemade project.  I have collected tons and tons of decoration over the years because I absolutely love this season!  My favorite decor is anything that contains the color orange, spiders, webs, cats, mice, rats and mums.  Maybe even a few skeletons.  I don't have many ghosts or witches.  Just keeping it real with everything else.  I pinky swore to myself that this year, I would not buy anything additional.  So, technically,  I stuck with that right?  When I came across this super cool frame for $2.48, it was not in the Halloween isle, nor is it specific to any holiday, so, it don't count! 

If you would like more information about my project, or what items I used, you can head to the mambi blog  to see.

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