July 8, 2011

Watermelon and S'mores

Nothing says 4th of July like watermelon and S'mores.  We spent 5 nights in Maine with family and had a blast.  Even with 5 days we just couldn't fit everything in.  We swam, had bbq's, kayaked, sparklers, lobster, fried turkey and visited with family that we just don't get to see often enough.  Here are a few pictures that will show you just how much fun we really had.

Don't let this captured moment fool you!!!  He is only a foot deep:o)  I think we are in need of a larger vest.

She is going to kill me but, here I am trying to cover my sister's waddle!!!  She claims she has a double chin!  

Enjoying watermelon to the fullest extent!

His closest in age cousin, Tyler.  (Take note of the missing top teeth!)

S'mores!  Can you actually eat these without making such a delicious mess???

I added this photo, not for the food remnants hanging around in the teeth but for the great big fat blue eyes.  How could I say no to just one more S'more?  Flash those babies and he gets just about everything that he wants:o)  I am in love! 

My friend recently gave me some My Mind's eye "American Made" paper, I think I might have to use it for my 4th pictures.  I will share if I get ambitious!  

Peace out,

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