July 25, 2011

Home for a day!

I just got back from Florida this morning.  Normally when I say that, I am just getting back from a glorious vacation hanging out at the beach eating Sonny's BBQ.  Those of you that know of Sonny's, already know that is vacation in its own.  I love that place.  My husband limits me to once a day!!!  I did get to go twice though. The other times, we ate hospital food.  Which actually wasn't that bad.  The visit for me was sad.  My father in law is not doing well and will be called home soon.  We did move him from the hospital to the house and Hospice is assisting.  What a wonderful program that is!  Please keep him in your prayers.

Before I left for the FL trip, I was able to create this card for a friend.  This is all that I have been able to accomplish recently and hope when things settle down, I can have more time for scrapping. 

As I sit here, listening the the washing machine finish my clothes, I need to re-calculate and repack for a trip to PA tomorrow!  We are supposed to head to Maine the week after that for a camping trip but that is not in stone yet depending on Randy's dad.  I would only be home for a day in between that trip too!  Sometimes I ask my self, "why do I have a house???"  But, there is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your own bed.

Notice my really cool card holder!!!  I just got it:o)


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  1. {{HUGS}}} to you and your hubby! I will be praying for ya. Hope to see you soon.