October 28, 2016

October Planning - mambi

This is this the first year that we are going ALL OUT with activities for Halloween.  We had a date night last week with an 'adults only' haunted house.  I am quite surprised that I survived being chased my a man with a chainsaw.  Anyway, for family fun, we had booked tickets to a trolley ride in Salem, MA (where the witches are)!  We also got tickets for a local park's Screamfest, last night we went to the Rise of The Jack-o-lanterns and Trick or Treat is on Halloween itself this year.  This CRAZY amount of fun requires diligent planning!  My layout looks busy, but there is still plenty of space for more tasks.

I have shared my planning layout on the me & my BIG ideas blog today with links to all the items that I used.  

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