October 25, 2016

Lunch Date - A Flair for Buttons

Anytime, anywhere, you can convince my boy and I to go on a lunch date.  You mention Cracker Barrel and we are there!!!  Ever since my boy was little, we would carefully remove the paper piece that wraps the silverware.  Then make it into a circle and use it for binos.  Simple, free entertainment.  He also still likes to blow the straw wrapper which drives me insane.  Why?  Because it is always shot at me.  I am always opposite him and his dad.  Anyway, these photos are from our date a few months ago, still creating binos with paper rings.  

So, today I am on the A Flair for Buttons Blog.  I love the flair I chose.  You can find all of Shelly's flair HERE in her ETSY Store.  I used Crate Paper Cool Kid that can be purchased at Paper Issues for 20% when you use code: Mary-Ann.  

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