September 8, 2016

August 14-21, 2016 - mambi

Ever have one of those weeks where you need to plan to plan?  Time slips away and you have to go back in time to complete the previous week?  That is what happened to me.  I blame it on Jimmy.  Jimmy Buffett that is.  What do you think of when you hear his name?  Sharks, cheeseburgers, parrots?  Sometimes you have to improvise.  I went with flamingos, pineapples, bright colors, glitter and tie dye. 

My husband and I met twenty or so years ago when Jimmy was huge.  Every time I hear him sing, it takes me back to my early 20's.  So did hearing him last week!  

Anyway, here is my planner spread for that week.

It is on the me & my BIG ideas blog with links to the items I used.  You can buy them through mambi too. 

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