April 29, 2016

Stop and Smell Everything - Fancy Pants

Today on the Fancy Pants Blog,  I am going to try to get you to use those Sticky Notes!!!  

When I first started designing with Fancy Pants, I warned them that I scrapbooked real.  This my friends, is as real as it gets.  Walks are impossible.  I have no control.  I try to chose a route with very little hydrants for this reason.  She stops and smells everything.  Hence, my title!  If you can get passed the picture, lets look at how I incorporated those gorgeous Attwell Sticky Notes into my layout.

To see the entire layout, you MUST go to the Fancy Pants blog today!

You can get the Attwell collection  and anything else you need, from the Paper Issues store for 20% using code: Mary-Ann.  

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