March 2, 2016

Bowl - A Flair for Buttons


Over the winter break, we heard of a new bowling alley not too far from us.  We checked it out and it was super cool.  One section of the alley had a three hour wait!  We chose the other section for a dollar more per person and walked right in.  It really is a great place.  Vide games, small balls, large balls, everything!  I had fun.  Maybe because I am going to lie and say I won every game but I think that was the second time we went, not this exact time.  But does it really matter???

So, if you wanna see closeups of some really cool flair, you will have to head over to the A Flair for Buttons blog to see them.  You should head over anyway!  Be sure to check out Shelley's ETSY store too.  She has flair for every occasion.  

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